Friday 31 August 2018

PARENTING - Second Babies Are Naughty Babies

Second babies are naughty babies

I have come to the conclusion at 32 weeks pregnant that second babies are naughty babies. 

Why? Well you see my first pregnancy was pretty much in eventful in every way possible including the labour. 

This pregnancy however has had a multitude of twists and turns that I’m happy to be doing it for the last time. 

From severe morning sickness which lasted nearly 20 weeks, resulting in weight loss (not that I’m unhappy about that side effect) followed by my cervix being incompetent. The incompetent cervix resulted in it shortening and an emergency cervical cerlage being placed at 21 weeks. This was very uncomfortable and required a hospital stay and general anaesthetic, no baby Bradley your not making an appearance just yet. 

Admittedly at this point I had a good few weeks where I had some energy, motivation and I wasn’t being sick. 

Just as I was getting comfortable feeling semi human again I had to have my GTT at 28 weeks, my celebration ended at this point when I hit the third trimester and found it I had Gestational Diabetes. 

Ah the joys! No more sugar, limited carbs I feel like I entered hell. No longer could I stuff my face with cake when the hormones hit, this teamed with excessive heartburn, constant peeing and not having to check my blood sugar 6 times a day was truly crap. 

And let me tell you GD is no joke, diet is completely changed to keep baby safe and sugar levels regulated. Sadly my fasting levels are not stabilising so I’m now on insulin 4 times a day. 

Fingers crossed the last 8 weeks are a breeze. 


  1. Oh no, you see I said this to my partner, that we have been lucky with the first if we had a second I bet I wouldn’t be so lucky with a good pregnancy and birth and fairly easy going child. Hope the end of pregnancy gets a bit more chilled out

  2. I feel really sorry for you, I had some problems with pregnancy especially at the very end. I hope you have a good few weeks left!

  3. Hopefully it will all get a lot better for you. Ive never had kids so have no idea what this feels like

  4. Bless you, hope you manage these next few weeks. I was lucky with my pregnancies. Fingers crossed for you!

  5. Ive never had a baby but the thought of pregnancy terrifies me at times. Stay strong - you can get through this!

  6. Oh bless you gestational diabetes is the pits but at least the good news is it will go away! Mich x

  7. I cna't agree more with this post. I found it more difficult he second time around, my son kept sticking his tiny foot between my ribs. Hopefully, these next few weeks will be smooth for you.

  8. Oh no! Pregnancy is tough and I found second babies harder than first - and third, and fourth and fifth! �� Not long now!