Sunday 22 July 2018

PARENTING REVIEW: Summer days out with Kids Embrace


This summer we’re all about making lots of memories, it’s Autumns first proper summer break (she has just finished Year R) so we’re ensuring we make as many memories as possible. 

We started off our Summer with a trip to Staunton Farm in Hampshire, there are lots of fun things to do from donkey rides, feeding the animals, soft play and lots more. 
kids embrace car seat paw patrol chase
It’s a lovely, affordable day out. We chose to travel by car which is very convenient for us, Autumn was super excited as she got to ride in her Kids Embrace Paw Patrol car seat. It is part of the Friendship series and is a combination booster seat, it’s a stage 1-2-3 seat with integral 5 point harness to ensure children are safely secured on any journey from approximately 9 months (9kg) to 4 years (18kg) and can be used with a standard 3 point seat belt as a high back booster up to around 12 years. 
kids embrace car seat paw patrol chase
kids embrace car seat paw patrol chase
Autumn is 5 now and just hit the 18kg mark so she went straight into stage two, which is secured via the 3 point seatbelt. 
Autumn loves this car seat and so do I. It gives her good support for in the car, especially for when she nods off after a long day of exploring, she especially loves her very own cup holders. 

Autumn makes sure she says hello and good bye to Chase (our chosen design) which I think is very very cute and helpfully encouraged her into the car quickly before our journey.

They have a number of designs in the Friendship series including 

Cinderella in Pink and Blue 

It retails at £89.99 and in my honest opinion is worth every penny as it will last your child for a long time, making is extremely great value for money.

Presuming you used it for 11 years ( 9 month old to 12 year old) this car seat would cost £8.18 a year, or 68p a month, bargain!


You can find out more about Kids Embrace Here, and they can be purchased online at Amazon.



  1. I've never seen a car seat that actually looks fun. Usually they are all boring and have the same colours so I think it's so great to be able to choose different designs of your child's favourite character! I think I'd choose Spider-man!

  2. These look like a great idea for little ones. I love that they have such a great range of options.

  3. My daughter would love this car seat, although I don't let her watch Paw Patrol yet. She sees the characters and loves them.

  4. The car seats which have characters on them I'm sure would make the kids more likely to want to sit in them x

  5. The car seat is so cute, I have a cousin who’s child has just turned 1 so I will be recommending this to her 🙏🏼

  6. What a cute design, my daughter used to love Paw Patrol.

  7. We are looking into our next car seat as my daughter is getting too big for her one. It’s a lovely design but I wonder if it has a tilt back or I’d its just upright as she tends to sleep in the car and I would be worried about her head rolling.

    1. It doesn’t tilt however my daughter is often asleep in it and we had a similar design from their old collection and she was very comfortable in that too. Xx

  8. What a cool looking car seat! I bet having such a fun, child-friendly design makes it much easier to get Autumn in it! x

  9. Oh wow that Paw Patrol seat is amazing!! My youngest loves Paw Patrol so I know he would be keen to jump in the car if he saw that

    Laura x