Monday 4 December 2017

LIFESTYLE: Christmas has arrived at the Bradleys

So December has landed and I'm actually really looking forward to Christmas this year, autumn is nearly 5 and is really loving the magic of Christmas. 

This also means she managed to talk me into writing to Father Christmas to ask if we can have an elf visit us this December ..... *eye roll*. 

I know I know it's all fun and makes a wonderful tradition but Christmas is stressful enough without extra things to do!  Who invented this elf on a shelf? Honestly. 

So I caved and wrote to Father Christmas asking for us to have our very own special elf visit .... welcome to Sophie the elf, Autumn named her and we filled in her birth certificate. She isn't your usual creepy red elf that truly is terrifying, Sophie is a plush style elf from card factory, she was under £5 and cokes with an activity book, crayons, stickers and a birth certificate. I then found myself in pound land buying elf accessories, if I'm doing this thing it will be done right. 

Mind you I was a little behind and did all this during school time in December 1st, bad mummy! So when autumn arrived home from school she was greeted with Sophie and advent items. 

Sophie brought us all a chocolate calendar, Autumn was extra special and received a wilkinson own brand lego advent calendar which was only £6 bargain! As well as a book. Iv decided to do a book advent calendar and each day Sophie gives autumn a new day right up to Christmas Day. ( I still have around 16 more to wrap ... ). 

Autumn absolutely loved it and was super excited all the way home from school. 

It's now December 4th and Sophie has been super busy in the bradley household. On Saturday the 2nd she had a midnight chocolate feast with a bag of santa chocolates also from Poundland (this shop is a life saver)... she did leave some for us to share which was super kind of her! She also gave autumn an arts and crafts activity to make some fun Christmas glasses, sadly no time on Saturday to make but we made a good start on Sunday. 

we put up the Christmas tree, I did the tree, lifts and tinsel and autumn did some of the hanging decorations although she quickly got distracted by the Christmas music and started to boogie.

I then re arranged all the balls when autumn went to bed. 

Sunday the 3rd  Sophie had been busy over night as she clearly wanted to help decorate the tree. 

Autumn came downstairs to find all but one pair of her pants had been hung on the tree, with a very pleased Sophie sitting at the top. Autumn was just thankful they were her clean pants, Sophie left autumn her second advent book in the tree for her to read as well as some more funky glasses to make. 

It's now the 4th of December and Sophie clearly wanted a little bit of excitement in her life and has zip lined across the front room using a candy cane, she has left one for autumn as a little treat with a note and her 4th advent book. 


So far I'm actually quite enjoying having Sophie around as autumn is so excited to see what Sophie has been up too at night. 

So far all of Sophie's little things have been super easy to achieve and I look forward to scrolling through Pinterest for another 20 ideas. 

I will do a weekly update on Sophie's adventures in the run up to Christmas. 

All our love from the Bradley's and happy Christmas my lovelies 

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