Sunday 21 August 2016

REVIEW: #Serenz allergy relief #ad

have been asked to give Serenz a go and see how it works against my hay fever and allergies. When you suffer with allergies it can be quite awful if you have never have had the pleasure your very lucky, those that have will know how unpleasant it can be when your nose is constantly running or blocked, itchy and constantly sneezing. 
serenz allergy relief spray

As a beauty therapist having an allergy attack can seriously get in the way with treatments. It's no fun when you’re trying to do a facial or massage and your nose won't stop running. 
I jumped at the chance to give Serenz a try because anything is worth a go to relieve the symptoms. 
serenz allergy relief spray

I won't lie to you it's not the feeling you expect it to be and the first time it definitely made my ears pop a little
 It shoots compressed carbon dioxide straight into your nose and you do one side at a time. I honestly can't explain the feeling but it has a little tickle and feels like your nostril is expanding. The first time was a shock, I ended up taking it out half way through because it was not quite what I expected and thinking about it I don't know what I was expecting.  
serenz allergy relief spray

Although it's somewhat uncomfortable it's worth it. My runny nose stops almost right after using it and I could breathe clearly. 
You’re only to use this once you experience allergy symptoms as it’s not a preventive
Gently cleansing the nasal passages, Serenz rapidly relieves hay fever and allergy symptoms such as:
Nasal congestion
  Runny nose
  Itchy nose
I'm really pleased with the results I have had but it does take some getting used to. It's non drowsy and has an active difference to my life. 
serenz allergy relief spray

It's the perfect size to keep in your handbag and use on the go, it's simple to activate and use but make sure you do not breathe through your nose during use. 
Adults (18 - 65 years old): Apply 10 seconds to each nostril as needed up to 6 times a day.
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You can purchase it here for £19.99
How do you combat your allergy symptoms? and have you given this a go?

Love Aimee
I am receiving payment for this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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