Sunday 14 August 2016

LIFESTYLE: Weekly catch up August 8-14th

So a little catch up from the past 7 days and boy it's been one hell of a week. 

Last Sunday I spent time with my cousins as one said I do - post to come. 

This entire week has been one of just spending time with my family. Davin has had the week off so we have made the most of sorting through the house and getting bags ready to go to clothing banks, charity and clearing out the kitchen for the food bank. 

I have been at the bottom desperate for help and food and so I really want to give back so this is a start. 

Super fun afternoon at the waterlooville horizon play zone, she had daddy running around after her and both were extremely exhausted after. This is a pretty awesome and new looking play centre and you can travel around the world which is fun, if your located in Hampshire you can find all the info here 

Autumn was treated to a new push chair because she had filled up her 3 month  behaviour chart and has been super successful with potty training. I'm so proud of her she's doing so well!

Some exciting goodies arrived in the post. I am so excited to show case them on my latest vlog. I am so excited to be showcasing some Avon tutorials and reviews on my channel.

This beautiful 100 day planner arrived and I can't wait to begin. I was introduced to this at the big blogger expo in July you can read all about the event here. But this book is amazing its a gateway to finding your self so if its of interest please check it out here

After being so unhealthy for so long I am finally taking a step back and looking after myself. One day at a time!

Saturday's day outfit all curtesy of my friend Gemma who literally emptied her wardrobe into my house and for this I am eternally grateful. 

This was also another amazing delivery! I am so happy. Finally I will be organised with my blogging, be up to date and on time. You can find a wealth of blogging aids here at the Paper ChicCO website or their Etsy store where you can order downloadable sheets too.

Flowers my beautiful daughter picked from a friends garden to make me feel better. This was the most thoughtful gift iv had since I can remember, she took her time to pick every flower and with help from a wonderful woman called Eileen put it together with Autumn. 

Saturday's evening nautical outfit. Managed some tone of the crutch and some time with my husband. Again clothing are thanks to Gemma 💕💕

Today Sunday Autumn baked cakes with my sister Lianne they are super yummy and Autumn enjoyed every second. 

So that brings me to now! I'm sat working out my weeks plan and eating cake!

How was your week? 

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