Sunday 28 September 2014

Me time with Smask caviar face mask

I'm exhausted and tired and my skin has been seriously neglected to say the least. 

This mask boasts that it can give an instant luxurious boost which leaves skin looking hydrated, rejuvenated and softer as well as smoothing out the appearance of fine dry line. 

This is just what my skin needs I'm so excited to give it a go!

It's a silicone film mask and you place r over the entire face. The mask on contact with the skin heats up and begins to mould to the exact contures of the person using it (in this case it will be me) 
Then it dissolves leaving the ingredients to soak into the skin. 
This takes around 30 minutes and the remanding product is removed, and massaged into the skin. 

They are £14.95 for 3 masks and you can get them from

Love Aimee 


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