Saturday 27 September 2014

Beauty haul

First time iv had the money to do this in a long time ! 
Well it's my birthday on te 2nd I'm going to be 31 so I have treated myself to some bits to make me feel younger! HAHA 

From boots and superdrug

So I treated myself to 

Sally Hanson French polish 
OPI avoplex cuticle oil 
Garnier SPF 15 day cream, night cream, serum and eye cream. 
Palmers coco butter body scrub
Hair bands 
Hair remover mits (I use to help stop in growing hairs)

Te face creams were from super drug and on offer at £4.99 so was the eye cream and the serum was £5.99

No clue on the other prices so sorry! And I can't dribs my recipt I know I'm rubbish!!! 

Love Aimee. 


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