Friday 21 March 2014

Discovery club 6th edition

I love boxes like this as you get to try something you would never have considered. You may live the item you may hate it but it's fun to see.

They make such great gifts too! 

This is done by the fragrance shop, it's a fragrance club allowing the public to try new fragrances and possibly find a new love. 

It costs £5 per quarter which is £25 per year! This discovery club allows you to see new fragrances and almost try before you buy concept, we have all been ther buy a perfume after one spray get it home and it turns out you just don't suit it! This stops you having a collection of full sized bottles you won't ever use. 

Every 3 months a new box of smells lands on your door! 

You also get money off voucher for if you live a fragrance and need to own the fill sized one. 

Bother great thing is that 5p from every subscription taken out is donated to rays of sunshine children's charity so far to date over £200,000 has been donated!  

So let's get to what's in the box. 

Loewe solo sport edt & eau de Lacoste sensualle

Thierrymugler alien eau extraordinaire EDT & guerlain la petite robe noire couture EDP

Givenchy very irresistible l'eau en rose EDT & Valentino Uomo EDT 

Elie saab le parfum l'eau couture EDP

You have such a great collection within this box some I have never tried and wouldn't have thought to try either. 

Choosing perfume is very personal so this allows you to try is for longer before spending out a lot of money. 

It's perfect for me I have a hard time choosing perfume as I tend to turn them very sour and I smell pretty bad so have only a few I can actually wear. 

My favourite fragrance is guerlain from this collection. 

To order follow this link 

Love it and highly recommed it. 

Love Aimee. 


I was very lucky and asked to review this collection, the views and thoughts are all my own. 

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