Sunday 9 March 2014

Clarins Review - Cleansing Milk

On a little trip to Bournemouth i found my self hovering over the clarins counter, i have never really used clarins i always put my nan and clarins in the same category HOWEVER when i was asking for my friends recommendations for good sin products there was one brand that was constantly mentioned Clarins.

I went to Debenhams and asked the extremely helpful Clarins woman for some help as i had absolutely no clue about their products, she was so amazing she gave me a full skin consultation and showed me and talked me through ever single product she recommended for me.

Se covered everything from cleansers to face masks as well as face and eye creams, she honestly blew me away.

My list was rather long by the end and if i could would have brought it ALL however my band wouldn't allow so i settled with the cleanser to start off with.

I brought the cleansing milk with gentian for combination or oily skin

What a gorgeous product you apply it to your face with freshly washed hands, take cotton wool pads or tissue and wipe over face to remove.

this really smells gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling amazing, it cost me £17 and was worth every penny. You don't need a lot either.

Also the woman was so great she gave me a goodie bag of samples for me to try of the other products she recommended, i cannot fault her or the brand so far, their counter workers are well trained and very helpful.

have you or do you use clarins? I'm in love i have to admit.

Love Aimee


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