Friday 10 January 2014

Nail HQ product review

Hello lovelies I LOVE nail mail always makes me smile, I am back to blogging with a passion so today's post is all about nails !

I was sent to try and review the new nail HQ nail collection

I was sent the all in one, growth and cuticle oil

Their actual collection is huge and consists of 

Gel top coat which I WANT  -£6.49
Base coat -£5.99 
Ridge filler - £5.99
Harnener - £6.99
Strengthener -£6.99
Growth -£6.99
Cuticle oil -£6.99
All in one -£7.99
Protect and repair -£7.99

They are well prices and good sized products 

And you can buy them from amazon and tesco in store 

cuticle oil

it's very nourishing great price, no smell as such to it and a must for every girl cuticle oil is just so important to keep your nails healthy.
Use it daily if not twice daily and you will notice a real difference to your nails.

The all In one contains argan oil

 this is the one that does everything, brittle, soft. Weak, dry this cover the lot. Use it daily I would recommend no it can be worn under colour polish.
i used it for 2 weeks and noticed a difference my nails stopped bending chipping, breaking and peeling.


I like this as since uv had my daughter my nails are crap they break won't grow and are generally a mess, I noticed after using this for a week they were defiantly staying linger and not breaking so easily. Again use it daily on its own or under a colour polish. 

Overall I like the collection and really want to get the gel top coat that really excited me a sim very impressed with the products and the price, it's affordable for a good product.

Have you seen into buy or use dig yourself how did you get on with it ?

Love Aimee 


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