Friday 25 October 2013

Zaggora atomica hotpants short review

Always on the hunt for the perfect workout attire I stumbled upon zaggora in twitter has a good old ready of their website and really liked what I saw and read. 

When wearing zaggora hotpants you burn more calories as the material allows you during a work out to sweat more. 

They are made out of a thick material which helps to promote sweat and you are too keep them in for 30 mins after your work out to get a maximum benefit.  

The material and fit of the hotpants is really comfortable but does feel a bit funny the first time you wear them but you do get used to it don't worry. 

Here are some shots of my zaggora hotpants. 

I wore them today during my cross trainer work out at home and was really impressed. Although I was fairly sweaty after my workout it was nothing in comparison to where te hotpants had been you could see house they worked after they were removed and I am super excited to be wearing then at everyone of my workouts. 

The ones I am wearing are the atomica hotpants short in a medium. 

They are £50 and worth it. 

I'm really pleased with how they feel and look forward to many happy workouts wearing then

Have you had a chance to try zaggora? 

What's your thoughts ?
I really like this brand and its products so check back next week for a post about my fav Zaggora bits !

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Love Aimee 

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