Sunday, 27 October 2013

My next reindeer addiction

For the love I reindeers and Christmas I think I have a problem!! 

It was this little beauty that started it if I am completely honest. 

I saw it I loved it and now my daughter owns it. £16 and gorgeous I'm in love and Christmas Day cannot come quick enough. 

Ok so that made me search out more reindeer awesomeness and I stumbled upon these. 

Ok so I love this for me and will get it on pay day basically I HAVE to own this jumper for the love of Christmas and all things novelty. 

And currently in discussions to get mr Bradley to wear this bloody amazing jumper of awesomeness. Currently not winning the discussion but there is still time before C day !!!

 Might be easier to talk him into the to short version if I am honest !! 

And lastly some other novelty things I want and need in my family's life 

All available from

Love Aimee 

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  1. I took your advice! You get a little mention too :) Let me know what you think! How do you get the navigational bar?!


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