Tuesday 17 September 2013

FASHION: My Secret LOVE look - Jumpsuits & Playsuits

Ok so my secret obsession is playsuits & Jumpsuits, I have ALWAYS wanted to own and wear them but have never has the balls to try it to see if I could even pull it off!
I'm a massive new look fan, they have great styles at affordable prices and I frequent my local store at least 3 times a week (obsessive much).
so after having a rather LONG browse through the new look website I have chosen my TOP 5 playsuits & Jumpsuits and here they are!

Firstly is this chic gorgeous little number - I may actually be in love!


you can dress it for winter with patterned tights !!

I Just adore this its gorgeous and great for a night out, very very classy!!


Such a great price point I think I may have to order it! its gorgeous and on my wish list
PERFECT for my 30th birthday celebrations in NYC! don't you think?
this is getting ordered on Friday!

This Cute i'm not good with reds however this is a gorgeous wine colour !

Im new to patterns, iv ALWAYS been super boring with black and plain colours but im really loving this!


and finally

I LOVE this for work with tights and shoe boots !


so if money were no object I would own ALL of the above ... I will be owning the frill jumpsuit though!

what do you think of my choices? you can pick your own fav's here and order!

Love Aimee


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