Wednesday 10 May 2017

REVIEW: Pretty Little Parcel

I couldn't wait to receive this and share it with you, this is my second pretty little parcel and I'm so pleased with it. 
I promise I will do a throwback on the first parcel I received soon! 

I love the idea of this because as much as I LOVE makeup and skincare there is only so many boxes you can try before it gets repetitive. 

This parcel is only £10 per month and that includes postage. The value of contents varies from box to box as do the number of items. I can honestly say I have not been disappointed with either the quantity or value of the items Iv received in both the boxes and cannot wait for the next one to arrive. 

It's super easy all you do is make an account and set up your monthly payment through PayPal. 

The April box included 4 gorgeous little home items. 

The first is a silver hammered effect heart tea light holder, Once used the tea light is easily changed. This is really pretty and looks perfect on my bedside table. 

Tie a Wish bracelet. 
Iv seen these before and am aware they come with all different meanings and sayings on the cards that come with the bracelet. Iv always wanted one but never actually gone ahead and brought one, so I'm so pleased this was included.  

My card says: Feathers appear when Angels are near. 

I love the sentiment behind it because when you tie the bracelet to your wrist you make a wish, and you don't remove it until it breaks and when it does your wish will come true. 

I will have a good long think about my wish before putting it on. 

 silver beaded decorative hanging star. 

This is really pretty and has a gorgeous sheer white organza tie to hang it to the wall or where ever you choose. 
It's a good weight and very well made and even though is is a small hanging decoration it is so pretty that it will stand out. 

 kitchen wall plaque. 

I don't have much decor in my kitchen but this is really pretty and would suit my kitchen very well. 

It says Life is like a cup of tea, it's all about how you make it. 

It's a sweet verse but also very true, I can't wait to hang this in my kitchen (little job for Mr B there). 

All in all I love this box. There isn't a single item I wouldn't use or want. 
All are extremely good quality and well made and will make wonderful little additions to our home. 

I cannot recommend this little parcel enough it's from pretty little home and I highly recommend you check out their online shop as it is full of treasures for your home to really make it stand out. 

Sign up for your monthly subscription here 

Have you tried this monthly box? Is it something that you would consider?

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