Wednesday 30 November 2016

LIFESTYLE: Halloween with the Bradley's

Better late than never!i had to share with you our first proper Halloween, it's the first year autumns understood it,shown an interest in it and actually got excited about it. 

She picked her own costume and insisted I dressed up too, She also picked out my Costume! Good think she has excellent taste. 

She decided on chase from paw patrol for herself and I was to be belle from beauty and the beast (thankfully I already had the perfect wig at home so it must have been fate).

I was super excited to be taking her trick or treating! We stayed and manned the front door armed with a huge pasta cooking pot of candy greeting more trick or treaters than I could count while waiting for Mr B to come home from work. 

When he arrived home autumn and I set off on special op mission candy. 

It was a total blast, these was so much neighbourhood spirit and so many households made a real effort (unlike our last neighbourhood where there wasn't a single trick or treater). 

We got lots of compliments on our costumes autumn looked super cute! We don't do scary blood everywhere costumes, I much prefer just good old dressing up. 

We returned home successful and triumphant from special op mission candy, and cannot wait for next year 

We loved the whole run up from picking pumpkins, carving, painting and decorating them ( Mr B did an excellent job carving chase from paw patrol, and I was especially proud of my Cinderella pumpkin) to dressing up and really enjoying our neighbourhoods community spirit. 

Love Aimee 

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