Tuesday 24 May 2016

FASHION: Next Childrens shopping trip and review

Autumn is very lucky she gets sent Next vouchers from her Aunt and we have been saving them for when she went into age 3/4years! Ugh I can't believe she's thy old already only feels like yesterday (pulls the reminiscing face which is attached to the memory of my squishy newborn).

So we had a good amount of money to spend on her, she is very lucky and spoilt after this trip and I had no idea quite how opinionated she had become when it came to clothing she does and doesn't like.  Her views, my views and her dads all on one shopping trip nearly made my head explode but we managed it just about. 

We did have to stop half way through to have a costa to re fuel and ensure we didn't have to come back a third time to spend the vouchers and I did not want to be any more grey than I am. 

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