Tuesday 26 April 2016

REVIEW: CND Vinylux Lost Labyrinth Nail Polish

Well hello lovelies, I know its been a long ass time but I'm doing some epic blogging so I have some lined up and scheduled.

Studying beauty I get to see lots of different brands and one I have been introduced to is CND Vinylux, this is a brand I have chosen to have in my salon when it opens as my standard polish
its a great polish which boasts 7 day wear
so far I'm so pleased with it!
With the colours I have and that's a few iv not had one colour last less than 7 days unless I have to remove it for college for another reason.

The collection itself has such a varied amount of colours and it can be brought by the general public and isn't just for trained therapists.
The colour I'm showcasing today is 191 Lost Labyrinth, its a stunning green which a great shimmer which looks different in different lights. its a gorgeous shade and its defiantly one of my favourite.
It is part of the Garden Muse collection which features 5 other colours.
Crushed Rose
Beckoning Begonia
Wisteria Haze
Lost Labyrinth
Reflecting Pool
Butterfly Queen

you can buy it online HERE It is being sold at this point in time for £6.95 for it to get the long lasting look you do need to buy the CND top coat for vinylux.

And an extra bonus for me is its fast drying ! and which a toddler this is a must so it makes me love it even more!

I have over 20 and counting I hope to have every colour made one day! so here is how I store my colours and as you can see there is LOTS more room for more.

Please do leave a comment I would love to hear your thoughts, and thank you so much for reading.

Love Aimee

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