Saturday 23 May 2015

Mac haul

I am a huge fan of Mac and as a learning beauty therapist make up is my thing. 

My friend is fully trained in Mac and I'm so envious of her! I got these bugs from a woman I know who has a Mac obsession so she buys so much she rarely uses it all.  So I lucked out on great prices !

From left to right 
Studio sculpt shade and line eye shadow in apricot blend 

This and that mineralise eye shadow 

Pro long wear paint pot rubenesque

Mineralise eyeshadow duo joy and laughter 

Eyeshadow fireside

All of these are nothing like anything in my collection so I'm very excited to test, try and search and let you know my thoughts. 

Have you got any of these colours? 

Love Aimee 

1 comment :

  1. You picked up some gorgeous things. I really like the look of the paint pot (: xx