Sunday 10 August 2014

Korres party survival kit

God I feel super lucky. Korres is a staple brand in my home and this landed on my doorstep the other week. 

It's amazing for holidays especially if you plan on partying your ass off and drinking a crap tone of alcohol it has some staple beauty items your skin will be crying out door after sun and alcohol excess.

Everything is designed to go into your hand luggage. 
All under 100ml and I couldn't wait to take it in holiday with me l.

You receive 5 items for £19.00

White tea tree liquid gel cleanser 
Wild rose 24 hour moisturising lotion
Aloe & dittany shampoo
Guava shower gel
Basil lemon body milk

It's a really great little collection with everything you need to rehydrate your skin and keep yourself healthy. 

It's £19 and for the brand it's worth it. 
You can get it from 

Have you used it or would you consider it ?

Love Aimee 


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