Monday 17 February 2014

Elle macpherson hologram pink nail wraps

Now iv never used wraps before I have a friend who uses them all the time but iv never had the confidence to try them. 

I got sent these to give them a go they are super pretty! And couldn't wait to try them. 

I read the instructions word for word and when I was confident I started to apply them. 

It took me about half an hour to do both hands and it was rather diddly for me, I wasn't able to remove all the bubbles unfortunately another were not perfect, I don't think it helped this was my first time I applying any type of wraps! So already they were against me  

They when applied did look pretty awesome and show stopping however. 

They only lasted me a day unfortunately. I would if doing them again would wipe my nails with polish remover to ensure they are oil free, I use a log of hand cream and feel this was not in my favour either ! 

They retail at £9.99 so if your new to the art if nail wraps I would try something cheaper to have a few faild attempts at before moving on to these 

I am going to give what's left of my packet to my best friend to see how she gets on with them

You can buy them here. 

Have you tried them before ? 

Love Aimee 


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