Friday 7 June 2013

Waxx pants

New pants always love new pants. And omg I love waxx pants. First and foremost they come image. Awesome tin,complete with sticker and key ring. Secondly they are just awesome and thirdly very comfortable. 

Seriously though the prints are fantastic, especially if you have an underwear problem like myself. You won't be disappointed they come in tel styles for women briefs (love that word) and a good old thong (I don't have the ass for a thong). 
Check them out

The pants for women are £18.00 thongs too. 

Want to be super cute or overly weird How ever you want to look at it really. Have a significant other? You can't get matching boxers
This is either cute or over kill. However I am tempted ha. 

Men's boxers are £25.00 

So queue some awkward pictures of me in my pants 

Love Aimee. 


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