Monday 17 September 2012

My News

Ok ok so my news is I am pregnant I have just hit 20 weeks so my blog is going to have some extra bits in it regarding babies and pregnancy. Don't worry I will make sure that there is lots of life, beauty and fashion too although pregnancy fashion is expensive and I feel whale like.
I will keep you up dated with what I am loving at the Moment too. I am excited to be back!
So I had my 20 week scan yesterday and I am too excited they said it looks like a little girl which is my dream come true. I am now super shopping on eBay for gorgeous bargains.
I have a new addition to my family a little grey chinchilla called sky. She is totally adorable.
So I will introduce my house hold.
I have my husband Davin we have been married nearly 16 months how time flies.
My gorgeous chihuahua Gucci total baby lives cuddles and is the furthest away from butch. Total mummies boy too
 And sky she also loves her mummy and is 4,5 months old. I get her out every night for 40 minutes and she uses me as a climbing frame
Got some great features coming capital fm little black dress party coverage. Face masks, nails of the day, healthy life , fit foods so pretty much something for everyone
Love Aimee x


  1. Aww congratulations! :-D

    I'm sure you'll have a great time shopping for baby goodies - I always think newborn clothes are just some of the cutest things ever to shop for!


  2. Awwwww what fab news!!! Congratulations :)) Such a cute lil family, I have two Chi's they are the totally snugglebums lol. Sky looks too cute for words!!! And happy 16 months!! hehehe

    Maria xxxx

  3. Aww congratulations :) I had a little boy in May and becoming a mummy is the best thing in the world he is such a beautiful happy clever little boy. Baby shopping is the best. I have to stop myself though or else I would be super skint lol x

  4. Congratulations again Aimee,what a lovely little princess :)

  5. Congratulation xxx