Wednesday, 23 October 2013

To Treat Little Feet With EMU Australia

Ahh I LOVE spoiling my daughter who is 8 months old and the apple of my eye!
I swear she has better clothing than me and I always make sure she looks good, I however am often left with tangled hair, no make up and often in my pyjamas for the best part of the day as iv not had time to sort myself out whilst working and playing with Autumn.
So there is a chill in the air and quite frankly I'm sat here in my house (still refusing to put the heating on) shivering contemplating putting on a coat and gloves! So I'm thinking it is boots weather and my little girls toes need to be kept toasty warm! And after spending the best part of an hour on the EMU Australia website I have for the solution my the cold toe problem.
So here are my favourites from the EMU children's collection.
OMG I love these and will be treating Autumn to these on pay day, they have a rubber sole perfect as she is now starting to cruise the furniture!
Gorgeous and pretty worth every penny
a little more prices but so cute, has some gorgeous detailing so they stand out from the classic style
Cute and classic, goes with anything and everything and unisex, affordable and a great all rounder.
you can have a look and see the full EMU collection
So what do you think of mu choices? I have a feeling I wont have much money left with my adorable little girl!
Love Aimee

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